Our commitment to purity and sustainability made us turn the traditional cosmetic production upside down.

Our Belief

At Refizz, we believe in redefining beauty standards and challenging industry norms. Fueled by the realization that most cosmetics are mainly water, leading to harsh formulas, unnecessary shipping weights, and single-use plastics, we embarked on a mission for change.

Our journey is rooted in the commitment to purity and sustainability. We've turned the traditional cosmetic production process upside down by offering pure powder refills. By allowing you to add water as the final step, we ensure undiluted care with gentle formulas while eliminating the need for single-use plastic packaging.


We aim to revolutionize the cosmetic industry, providing you with a better alternative that's kind to both your skin and the planet

With each product, we're not just crafting cosmetics; we're inspiring a shift towards conscious choices and proving that change is not only possible but necessary.

Join us in this journey where Self-care meets Planet-care

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