Ever noticed how “sustainable” is always followed by “but”?

“it´s sustainable but less convenient” 
“It's sustainable
but more expensive” 
“It's sustainable
but less tasty”

We understand that living sustainably is not always easy. Whether it's sacrificing convenience, paying a premium for eco-friendly products, or compromising on taste, it often feels like there's always something to give up.

The same is true in the shower; while soap bars come without plastic waste, there's a reason why most people still prefer liquid shower gel. It just doesn't make us sing louder in the shower, so to speak.

"No more buts!"

2 brothers from Brussels

We want liquid shower gel without the plastic waste and still be able to perform our shower musicals.

This is us, Lewis and Anthony, two brothers from a town located just outside of Brussels. Our family has been deeply involved in the cosmetics industry for many years, and we grew up surrounded by its inner workings. It was during this time that we came to realize that most shower gels are composed of 80% water and only 20% active ingredients - something that simply did not make sense to us.

We thought to ourselves: why are we shipping and paying for water? Especially since most of us have access to tap water?

Determined to create a product that was both effective and sustainable, we set out to develop an innovative solution that would eliminate the unnecessary single-use plastics and use of water (and the huge amount of carbon emissions related to shipping this water).

Refizz was born.

We teamed up with a cutting-edge Belgian lab that specializes in creating new cosmetic formulations. We embarked on a journey of product development, testing and refinement - a quest for the ultimate shower gel that would tick all the boxes.

We were on a mission to create a product that not only did good for the planet, but also delivered an exceptional experience. We poured our hearts and souls into the process, carefully selecting the most natural and high-quality ingredients to ensure our shower gel would be both effective and gentle. We wanted it to captivate the senses, yet be a breeze to prepare and use. And above all, we aimed for it to feel as soft as a feather on your skin.

After more than two years of tireless dedication, we are thrilled to finally present Refizz to the world of cosmetics. It's a product that's truly extraordinary, and we're confident that once you try it, you'll never go back to your old shower gel again.

So, are you ready to give us a try?

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