Add water at home revolution: <br>Redefining cosmetics for Skin and Planet

The Product

Crafting our product was no simple task; turning the production process upside-down demanded innovation and dedication. Yet, we were strongly committed to present a solution that's not just groundbreaking but seamlessly integrates into daily routines.

We've prioritized user experience at every turn, ensuring our product matches the ease and delight of familiar cosmetics. From the velvety thickness of the gel to its easy preparation, every moment elevates the user's experience. The carefully curated scents evoke serenity, while the gel's luxurious feel on the skin leaves a lasting impression. And yes, it foams with a gentle, cleansing touch, redefining skincare routines.

But the real magic lies in our ingredients. Only natural elements, affirming our commitment to vegan, deeply moisturizing solutions and Mother Nature. Bid farewell to SLS and other sulfates; our creation embodies purity, offering a clean, enriching experience that's kind to your skin and our planet.

Our Story

In their youth, Lewis and Anthony found themselves amidst the towering silos of their family's cosmetic business, unaware that these colossal structures held the blueprint for their future endeavors. It wasn't until they immersed themselves in the industry's inner workings that the epiphany struck: most cosmetics were predominantly water, resulting in the need for harsh preservatives. But why did it have to be this way?

Their curiosity led to a startling realization: incorporating water during manufacturing not only compromised product quality, yielding harsh formulas, but also needlessly increased shipping weights and demanded single-use plastics. It begged the question: Why transport water globally when it flows freely from taps in our homes?

Armed with this insight, they embarked on a daring quest to defy conventions. They envisioned cosmetics that surpassed norms, allowing customers to add water themselves. This approach ensured gentler formulas and reduced environmental impact. But could they achieve this without compromising ease of use, delightful scents, or affordability?

Their journey took a next step upon meeting Cleo, a kindred spirit sharing their passion for change. Together, they tirelessly craft new products, challenging industry standards at every turn. Their mission extends beyond creating cosmetics; it's about presenting people with a better alternative—one that prioritizes both skin health and planetary well-being. With each innovation, they affirm that change isn't just possible but imperative. Cleo's influence adds a critical female perspective to their well-thought-out designs and elevates the entire product experience, from delightful scents to the indulgent feeling on the skin.

More to Come

The journey we've embarked upon doesn't culminate with toiletries; it's merely the inception. Brace yourselves for what's to come—more products are on the horizon, each bearing the hallmark of our revolutionary self-care and planet-care ethos.

Envision a world where pure, undiluted ingredients nurture our skin, mirroring the care bestowed upon our precious planet. That's the future we're shaping—one where both our skin and our environment thrive.

Join us in spreading this message. Together, let's advocate for a skincare revolution that transcends norms, prioritizing both personal wellness and global sustainability. Help us pave the way for a world where every self-care ritual nurtures not just us but the planet we call home.

Where Self-care meets Planet-care