Pure Powder ingredients
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nourished skin

True Natural Beauty by adding water yourself. Keep your shower gel, shampoo and hand wash revolutionary natural and clean.

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Revolutionizing cosmetics for True Natural Beauty.

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Water and humidity are a source for bacteria and imperfections, and traditional toiletries contain over 90% water.

Our pure powder refills turn the production process upside down, allowing you to add water as the final step. This innovative approach keeps the ingredients pure, natural, and free from aggressive substances. The impact on your skin is unmistakable.

Benefits of pure powder

Self-care meets Planet-care

It's simply not logical to include water in products at the factory, especially when most of us have water readily available at home. Why ship water filled with preservatives and chemicals?

Our groundbreaking pure powder ingredients make single-use plastic packaging unnecessary. Moreover, by avoiding the shipment of water, we significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Planet benefits

“These powder refills are really incredible. You can really feel that it is something different, my skin no longer feels stripped or dry. And I absolutely loooove the scents! ”

Charlotte D.

Love the Botanic Breeze!

I got it as a gift and I have been using it ever since! I was surprised how good it works. The scents are also very well picked

Marlies V.

Soft as oil

It really feels like a soft oil but it actually has a lot of foam. It was easy to make and you don't need to use more, it lasts pretty long.

Lieze N.

Super handy

The refills don't take up much space, it's almost instantly ready to use and they smell great. And they are great for holidays!

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