From Nature, For Nature

Based on Natural Ingredients

Refizz is designed to be better for the planet. Not only because it makes due with single-use plastics, but also because of what’s inside. Refizz is based on natural ingredients that are not hazardeous to the environment

  • No SLS

  • No Palm Oil

  • 100% Vegan
Ingredients derived from a.o. sea weed and clay
All refizz products have a YUKA score of 93/100

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Hypoallergenic Parfum

No irritation whatsoever

Low in pH

For a softer skin


or other nasties

For All Skin Types

Easy, right?

Powder refills: even more sustainable than solid soap bars

Similar to solid soap bars, Refizz shower gel only uses paper packaging. However, powder refills take sustainability further. Our powder refills weigh a mere 20 grams, equivalent to 250ml or one soap bar. This lightweight composition significantly reduces CO2 emissions during transportation, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Moreover, unlike solid soap bars that require heating, molding, and cooling, our powder shower gel is made through a completely cold process. This approach demands less energy, reducing the carbon footprint associated with production.

Lastly, sustainability is a numbers game. While solid soap bars have made strides in reducing waste, the majority of people still prefer liquid shower gels. To create a significant impact, we need to cater to the needs of the majority. Refizz's powder refills provide consumers with the convenience and familiarity of liquid shower gels while offering the sustainability benefits the planet deserves. It's the choice that aligns with both personal preferences and the well-being of our planet.

These sachets are made from paper

To us, no single-use plastic really means no single-use plastic.

Our refills don't have a plastic coating but are 100% recyclable paper. You migth think we would use "bioplastics" or "compostable plastics" and it would make things easier (and less expensive) for us but with a little research, you will find that this is actually still plastic and isn't so planet-friendly after all. This was a non-negotiable to us.

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We're passionate about sustainability and the environment, which is why we're proud to say that our powder-to-liquid shower gel is made entirely in Belgium. By producing our product locally, we're not only reducing our carbon footprint but also supporting local businesses and communities.

We understand that sustainability isn't just about where a product is made but also about the ingredients and production process. That's why we've invested time and resources into developing a product that is not only effective but also safe and gentle on your skin. Our powder-to-liquid shower gel has been thoroughly tested and adheres to the highest European standards for quality and safety.

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