Introducing Refizz

Shower smarter, not harder

An amazing smelling liquid - yes, liquid-
shower gel without the single-use plastic waste

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0% Plastic, 100% Liquid Shower Gel

Pour the powder, add tap water, shake and get scrubbing.
It's that simple.

Ready in 8 seconds.

Paper Sachets

All Gel, No Clumps

Natural Ingredients

For Every Skin Type

Deeply Moisturizing

Paper Sachets

Use tap water instead

Plastic outlives you 4 times

YUKA score 93/100

Learn more about our refills & how much CO2 emissions we save from not shipping water.

About this revolutionary product
100% Natural | 0% Plastic

What people say about Refizz


Much easier than solid soap

"I did not know this existed but indeed much easier than solid soaps. Smells good too (tried bamboo)"


Cheaper than competition and much better

"I already knew a similar product from another company but there it was much more expensive! And I actually like your shower gel better. When will there be shampoo?"


Super fun

"Super fun, a little crafting at home! Shower gel comes out nice and smells really good!"


So hard fan of the water lily!

"So hard fan of the water lily! Smells really good and indeed feels a bit like body oil, very soft!"

Your first time is always special.

Sustainable never smelled - or looked - so good! We would love for you to try Refizz. Get your first time discount with the code FIRSTTIME and get that shower concert started!

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