Test Kit

1 sachet = 250 ml liquid shower gel magic | 100% paper based sachet

Sale price€15,00
Material: Eau de Toi-même


YUKA score: 93/100

Introducing the Refizz Test Kit, your gateway to experiencing the revolutionary powder-to-liquid shower gel. This kit includes a refill of your choice from our range of delightful scents and our sleek aluminium bottle, perfect for endless reuse. Dive into the world of Refizz and discover the perfect balance between eco-consciousness and indulgent self-care. 
Natural Ingredients, Yuka score 93/100
100% Stable Formula
Delivered Through Mailbox

How it works

(It really is that easy)


The powder into the bottle


Your bottle with tap water


the bottle for 10 seconds

Squeeze & Cover

yourself with an awesome-smelling shower gel

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